I’ve never been passionate about any video games besides final fantasy and I’ve never followed video game companies but let me tell you

Banjo Kazooie/Twooie by RareWare

Banjo and kazooie are my otp


Studying on the greyhound. I paid $6.19 for a coke and one hundred grams of crispy minis, in a literal act of highway robbery. This country is so: beautiful, yet so, so ugly.

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double-sided printers are cool. Your printer can print onto both sides of the page without flipping the page around. Doesn’t that mean that it has 2 unique printing mechanisms on either side of the page feeder? Doesn’t that mean that you have 2 printers in there? Did you get 2 printers for the price of 1 and only realize it now? You’re welcome



For now I will just continue to like everything astrophobe has ever posted



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They follow me but I’m too intimidated to follow back

Jake you might not remember but you followed me when you were neurocyte. I’ve been rooting for you for like 2 years pal :)



astrophobe started following you

this is disgusting. this has been burned into my retinas since it happened at midnight and it will never go away. i cannot believe this fucking betrayal on this piece of shit website

you should be HONORED buddy


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let’s talk about microagressions, shall we? and while we’re at it, let’s talk about antisemitism.

so whenever homosexuality + the judeochristian bible comes up, there’s always a particular set of comments:

bible thumper: “but leviticus 18:22 and 20:13!”

"liberal" christian: "but the new testament! we don’t follow that old archaic set of rules anymore! they’re violent and outdated and the new testament is all about peaceeeeee

except you know who does follow the old testament

jews follow it

that’s pretty widely known, actually. so by saying that you think the old testament is violent and wrong in order to defend your new testament, you are deflecting criticism onto my religion for the sake of proving your point

  1. i don’t need my culture and belief system to be the scapegoat so you can feel better about your religion, stop
  2. that was a mistranslation of the original bible passage, which still could be interpreted that way, but is vague enough that it might not be about that at all. and it’s widely acknowledged to be an ambiguous passage with multiple meanings (in the original hebrew version, anyway)
  3. not all religious jews are homophobes. in fact there are many widespread movements across all stripes of the judaism rainbow (see what i did there) that exist to promote tolerance and equality for all sexual orientations and gender identities. also judaism has textual discussions of this as an issue in a number of our holy books, many of them even, because it is acknowledged that not only is this something worthy of discussion but it is a legitimate human rights issue that needs to be examined. the conversation about homosexuality in judaism has been going on for thousands of years. could we do better? yes. so could everyone. but i’m so done with the idea that to validate your holy book you gotta trash mine.
  4. stop

(i’m not denying that judaism has its fair share of homophobes- just like every other type of human there are inevitably bigots in the group. and yeah, ours yell about leviticus too.)

people act like antisemitism isn’t even a thing anymore. like, the holocaust ended. no one is forced to work on saturdays anymore. obviously antisemitism has been solved, get over it (gee why does this sound familiar). well let me tell you something, friend. antisemitism is alive and well, and not just as microagressions. i have dealt with it my whole life. so if you could please stop contributing to it i’d be really grateful thanks.

But what is the problem with shifting criticism onto something that should be criticized? The defense “homophobia only appears in the Old Testament” is actually incorrect; homophobia is reintroduced to Christianity through the Pauline Epistles. However, Paul offers only a pretty blatant misreading of Jesus on this front, and Leviticus is right out, so scriptural Christians really shouldn’t be homophobes. The Christian defense you object to then seems totally justified here: the Christian holy books actually do not seem to support homophobia.

So how should Christians explain that aspect of Christianity? How is saying that homophobia appears only in the Old Testament antisemitic, or a microaggression? It seems to me that is simply a literal description of which text appears where in the Bible. If Christians pointed to the homophobic practices of certain Jewish sects to say that the Jewish religion is a homophobic religion, ignoring similarly homophobic practices in countless Christian communities, that would be aggressive. But at the end of the day scriptural Judaism is tremendously misogynistic and spectacularly homophobic, and, as you acknowledge, in many of the more conservative synagogues it remains exactly that. You rightly explain that “the conversation about homosexuality in Judaism has been going on for thousands of years”, but that conversation seems to center on the very problem that homophobia is mandated in the Torah.

That text deserves to be criticized. That part of the Old Testament is violent and wrong. Why should Christians not say so?

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I made a GoAnimate. It used to be upside down but tumblr turned it right side up in a futile attempt to introduce conformity into a fundamentally chaotic universe

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